Narrowbody Outlook 2013

After Boeing and Airbus unveiled their final order and delivery numbers for 2012 it is now time to turn to what is ahead. What will 2013 bring us in the narrowbody segment?
Let’s begin with deliveries – this is quite easy:
·         Airbus stabilizes their output rate at 42/month and will deliver 480-485 A320 family aircraft (ca. 11.5*42 as we have to take the summer break into account)

·         Boeing will increase the delivery rate towards  38 B737NG’s per month and therefore deliver between 450-460 narrowbodies.

·         Bombardier will deliver the first CS100 in 2014, so A & B are (probably for the last time) alone.


Narrowbody Review 2012 Part 2

After the Airbus Press Conference is over we now have the long awaited numbers of orders and

B787 grounded...

It is not clear yet what the grounding by FAA and others means for the whole B787 program as nobody knows how long the grounding will last and what consequences will come out of the


Orders, orders, orders...

Starting early last week we see another MoU firmed up (MEA, Avolon), a new MoU (Hawaiian) or even a completely new order (Citilink) for the A320neo. An exception was last Friday, when Airbus and Singapore announced the order for 5 more A380 and 20 more A350-900.
I am now sure that John Leahy will tell the audience on Thursday that he now has (more than) 2000 orders and commitments for the A320neo. Maybe even 2000 or more firm orders.
Today's order came from BOC Aviation for 25 A320neo as well as 25 A320ceo, further filling the remaining delivery positions for the "ceo".
I wonder who is featured in Leahy's 5th season show tomorrow. And who is going to be the rabbit jumping out of Leahy's hat on Thursday.
That leads me to...Lion! They reportedly will order or have ordered more than 200 A320's. I believe it when I see it...Scott Hamilton reports also that they selected the GTF for this order - if this is all true, it would be a huge blow for both Boeing and CFM.
The firmation of the AA order is subject to cout approval now (as is the MAX and B787 order).


Embraers choice is the GTF

Embraer yesterday revealed that it has selected Pratt's GTF family for the yet to be officially launched EJet revamp, due to enter service in 2018.
The E175G2 will get the PW1700G, which is a derivative of the PW1200G, powering the Mitsubishi MRJ70 and MRJ90 (and eventually the MRJ100 now under consideration).
The E190G2 and E195G2 will be powered by the PW1900G, essentially a PW1500G, which powers


B737MAX reaches 1,000 firm order mark

Boeing announced a firm order from ACG for 50 60 B737MAX. The poll is therefore closed. The Airbus poll is open for another few days...