Lion Air - another Boeing-Airbus splitter?

In one of my recent posts I speculated about a large narrowbody order accompanying the launch of the low cost carrier from Lion Air and NADI, based in Kuala Lumpur and aimed to take on Air Asia. But Rusdi Kirana, owner of Lion Air, said that the aircraft will be B737-900ER and probably later on B737MAX-9 channeled through Lion Air's existing order book with Boeing.
Now there are news out, reporting that Kirana said that Lion Air needs more planes and Scott Hamilton predicts an order for 100 A320neo's to be knocking at John Leahy's door.
I remember (and found) a press article last year, a few weeks after the massive order from Lion Air for B737-900ER and B737MAX-9 was announced, in which John Leahy mentioned that Airbus and Lion Air already had a MoU in place, but then political pressure from the White House inhibited Lion Air from defecting from Boeing to Airbus. Who know - maybe the MoU is still valid?
It looks like there are two 100-aircraft-orders in the works in Toulouse. The other of course being for AirAsia. Reports last week said that this is not only for the A320neo - earlier reports suggested that the A320ceo is the aircraft to be ordered as Tony Fernandes said that AirAsia needs more planes "soon". I guess there will be also a nice number of A330-300 (presumably the new 240t version) and maybe more A350's in the deal. At last weeks ISTAT Europe the A330-300 was one of the most mentioned aircraft (in a positive way): Nico Buchholz, Lufthansa VP Fleet Strategy said that it is a "bloody profitable" aircraft for their North America destinations. But also AirAsia Co-Founder Conor McCarthy was very positive about the aircraft (but he also thanked god that AirAsiaX has just two A340-300 in the fleet).
The new (still to be announced) AirAsia order was public since Farnborough (or even earlier, I don't remember exactly). It will go to AirAsia's board in the coming days and then officially announced. I would guess the Lion Air order for A320neo's (if true) will be announced shortly thereafter.
As boring the summer was in terms of new aircraft orders (at least since Farnborough), as interesting might get the rest of the year...