Orders, orders, orders...

Starting early last week we see another MoU firmed up (MEA, Avolon), a new MoU (Hawaiian) or even a completely new order (Citilink) for the A320neo. An exception was last Friday, when Airbus and Singapore announced the order for 5 more A380 and 20 more A350-900.
I am now sure that John Leahy will tell the audience on Thursday that he now has (more than) 2000 orders and commitments for the A320neo. Maybe even 2000 or more firm orders.
Today's order came from BOC Aviation for 25 A320neo as well as 25 A320ceo, further filling the remaining delivery positions for the "ceo".
I wonder who is featured in Leahy's 5th season show tomorrow. And who is going to be the rabbit jumping out of Leahy's hat on Thursday.
That leads me to...Lion! They reportedly will order or have ordered more than 200 A320's. I believe it when I see it...Scott Hamilton reports also that they selected the GTF for this order - if this is all true, it would be a huge blow for both Boeing and CFM.
The firmation of the AA order is subject to cout approval now (as is the MAX and B787 order).


  1. Hi Aero, although you said that the Lion order could be a "huge" blow to Boeing. I've read (in more than one occasions) that Lion Air is trying to go into the leasing business for which it will be a good idea to have more than one type of aircraft in your portfolio. Also, that due to the huge order that they already have in the pipeline with Boeing, that this OEM cannot possibly supply the amount of aircraft that they would like to have in the amount of time they are looking at. I believe this is the case with Norwegian Shuttle as well where they ordered both types of plane both would be leasing one to a third party. And if they get such a sweet deal, I wonder why more airlines would not play this part too.

    1. I heard these rumours about both airlines entrring the lessing business, too. You are right - it then makes sense to hybe both major NB in the fleet. But let's wait for Thursday - or will it be tomorrows "deal of the day"???