Geared Turbo Fan Backlog Secrets

The P&W press release revealing the selection of the PW1133G for the A321neo for Hawaiian Airlines states that the Geared Turbo Fan Family now has more than 3,500 announced and unannounced orders and options. I wondered how much unannounced orders there are and tried to do a breakdown of the announced orders.

This is the A320neo engine. If I am right, this is what the flying and non-flying public knows as of today:
Indigo       150 A/C - 300 engines
GoAir         72 A/C - 144 engines
ILFC           60 A/C - 120 engines
ALAFCO    50 A/C - 100 engines
Qatar           50 A/C - 100 engines + 30 A/C options
Norwegian  50 A/C - 100 engines + 50 A/C options
jetblue         40 A/C -  80 engines
Lufthansa    30 A/C -  60 engines
Cebu           30 A/C -   60 engines
CIT             30 A/C -   60 engines
Hawaiian    16 A/C -   32 engines + 9 A/C options
Transasia    12 A/C -   24 engines

This is 1,180 engine in total - plus spares, so maybe we should add 5% for around 1,239 engines.
The 89 A/C options would count for another 187 engines including options for a grand total of 1,426 engines.

The CSeries engine. According to Bombardier there are 148 firm orders and commitments for 69 more (32 from Ilyushin Finance, 12 from Porter, 15 from an Unnamed Customer and 5 from Atlasjet). Altogether 217 aircraft or some 456 engines including 5% spares. If I am right there are options for another 142 aircraft and these would be "worth" another 298 engines including spares.

The MRJ has 165 firm orders. 15 (+10 options) from ANA, 50 (+50 options) from Trans States and 100 (+100 options) from Skywest - some 347 engines including spares or 683 including options and their 5% spares.

The Irkut MS21 part of the story is the most difficult. I only know that Ilyushin Finance  choose the PW1400G so far for their 50 aircraft, so let's count 105 engines including spares.

So now we have:

PW1100G     1,426
PW1500G        754
PW1200G        683
PW1400G        100
Sum               2,963

That's far away from the stated 3,500 orders for all members of the Geared Turbo Fan Family. Let's wait for the Paris Air Show - maybe there is more clarity about the "unannounced" orders then...and I guess we will hear about first customers for the PW1700G and PW1900G for the 2nd generation EJet Family.


  1. you forgot 50 a/c from ALAFCO (A320neo)

  2. My local sources are pretty sure that PAL have selected the PW

    1. Yes, I remember an article in AW stating that also. Do you have more information about other open engine decisions?

  3. Sorry no.
    I have expat friends at Lufthansa Technik and the PAL people spent a lot of time studying a Kingfisher A320 that appeared to be stranded there. They also had a very good look at the log books so they could do a direct comparison of CFM and V2500.
    PAL have of course ordered A321NEO, and popular wisdom suggests that V2500 is slightly better than CFM on that airframe, so perhaps a simple extrapolation, but only my opinion on that.