Farnborough Airshow Orders

Here I will try to track all orders and commitments coming in at the Farnborough Airshow (main manufacturers only - sorry).


  4 x A321neo for Arkia Israel
  1 x A319 for Drukair
26 x A350-1000 for Cathay Pacific (-16 x A350-900 converted to A350-1000)
28 x A320 for China Aircraft Leasing Company
  8 x A321 for China Aircraft Leasing Company
10 x A330-300 for CIT
  5 x A320neo for Middle East Airlines
  5 x A321neo for Middle East Airlines
 20 x A321 for UTAir
  6 x A330-200 for Synergy Aerospace
  3 x A330-200F for Synergy Aerospace
15 x A320neo for Avolon

  60 x B737MAX-8 for ALC
  15 x B737MAX-9 for ALC
  25 x B737-800 for GECAS
  75 x B737MAX-8 for GECAS
  20 x B737MAX-8 for ALAFCO
  10 x B737MAX-8 for Avolon
    5 x B737MAX-9 for Avolon
  10 x B737-800 for Avolon
  50 x B737-900ER for UnitedContinental
100 x B737MAX-9 for UnitedContinental

  5 x CS100 / 10 x CS300 Unnamed Customer
  6 x CRJ900 (+5 Options) for China Express (firming up of previously announced conditional order)
10 x CS300 (+10 Options) for Air Baltic
  6 x Q400 for Chorus Aviation (Air Canada Jazz)

5 x E190 for Hebei Airlines

8 x ATR72-600 for TransAsia Airways
2 x ATR72-600 for ALC
2 x ATR72-600 for Lao Airlines
8 x ATR72-600 for Aer Arann
1 x ATR42-600 for NAC

100 x MRJ90 for Skywest

  5 x SSJ100-95 for Interjet


150 x LEAP-1B for 75 B737MAX (ALC)
  50 x CFM56-7BE for 25 B737-800 (GECAS
150 x LEAP-1B for 75 B737MAX-8 (GECAS)
  40 x LEAP-1B for 20 B737MAX-8 (ALAFCO)
  30 x LEAP-1B for 15 B737MAX (Avolon)
  20 x CFM56-7BE for 10 B737-800 (Avolon)
  36 x LEAP-1A for 18 A320neo (ACG)
  10 x CFM56-5B for 5 A321 (Juneyao)
100 x CFM56-7BE for 50 B737-900ER
200 x LEAP-1B for 100 B737MAX-9

10 x V2500 for 5 A320 (ICBC)
  8 x V2500 for 4 A320 (BOC Aviation)
64 x V2500 for 32 A320 (Jetstar)

12 x CF34-8C for 6 CRJ900 (China Express)
10 x CF34-10E for 5 E190 (Hebei Airlines)
30 x GEnx-1B for 15 B787-8 (airberlin)

  30 x PW1524G for 5 CS100/10 CS300 (Unnamed Customer)
  60 x PW1133G for 30 A321neo (Cebu Pacific)
100 x PW1100G for 100 A320neo (Norwegian SAS)
  20 x PW1524G for 10 CS300 (Air Baltic)
200 x PW1217G for 100 MRJ90 (Skywest)

16 x PW127M for 8 ATR62-600 (TransAsia Airways)
  4 x PW127M for 2 ATR62-600 (ALC)
  4 x PW127M for 2 ATR62-600 (Lao Airlines)
16 x PW127M for 8 ATR72-600 (Aer Arann)
  2 x PW127M for 1 ATR42-600 (NAC)
12 X PW150 for 6 Q400 (Chorus Aviation)

10 x SaM146 for 5 SSJ100-95 (Interjet)

20 x Trent XWB for 26 A350-1000 (Cathay Pacific)
22 x Trent700 for 11 A330 (Garuda Indonesia)
  8 x Trent700 for 4 A330-200F (Avianca)
18 x Trent700 for 9 A330-200(F) (Synergy Aerospace)


  1. Uhmm, is Norwegian Air shuttle ordering the GTF engine when all their B737s come with the CFM engine? This is somewhat confusing, unless Norwegian really wants to check CFM on future engines and services prices.
    Interesting time indeed.

  2. Rumour ist that Norwegian will start in the leasing business with their A320neo fleet and that the other 50 A/C will be equipped with the LEAP-1A. But this is only a rumour so far...

    1. Well, at least that would make some kind of sense. The way the aviation business is going nowadays is hair raising. The world is pretty much in a recession state of mind, yet we're seeing record orders of planes left and right, even by companies that have not a history of making money or proven that they can adsorb the amount of aircraft ordered. Interesting to see how this will turn out.