Boeing launched the B737MAX

Today Boeing launched the B737NEMAX-7,-8 and -9, with order commitments from five airlines for a total of 496 aircraft!!! Whow, that's a start! Entry into service will be in 2017!
Who are these five airlines? There is only one we know for sure so far and that is American Airlines. My guess for the other four:
  1. Southwest Airlines
  2. Alaska Airlines
  3. UA/CO (?)
  4. WestJet (?)
Any suggestions?


Boeing claims a 4% fuel burn advantage versus the A320neo family. Currently the B737NG-800 has an advantage of 8% in fuel burn per seat - so the current gap would be smaller after both manufacturers reengined their aircraft.
A detailed analysis cannot be made at this point as there is no detailed data given by Boeing.
The statement given by CFM suggests that there is no final definition of the engine as of today...


  1. Boeing claimed to have five "airline customers"...

  2. And it seems as AA is the only U.S. launch customer, so my new guesses are:
    1. AA
    2. Lion Air (maybe converting old 739ER orders)
    3. COPA (expressed interest)
    4. KLM (still have classics and oldest 738 are from 1999)
    5. Ryanair as (only a little bit) a surprise

  3. I'd be surprised at Ryanair this early. They'd want a discount and Boeing claims there has been "tremendous interest" from Airlines which mean they don't have to discount deeply like Ryanair would want.

  4. You should look, in China and India.