A320ceo and B737NG backlog

After the B330 and B777 analysis, here is another update of the A320ceo and B737NG backlog.
Airbus is overbooked on the A320ceo for a long time now and also Boeing narrowed down

their order gap for the B737NG recently.
I am in doubt of all russian orders for western aircraft right now (both for political and economical reasons), so I took out all orders from Aeroflot (and their leasing vehicles), Ural, UTAir and the likes.
Here is the result:

Airbus is overbooked by some 120 A320ceo.

Boeing still needs to find customers for about 110 B737NG.

But wait: this just in...China Eastern is buying 50 B737 - if all are B737NG's then half of their ""gap" just disappeared. We will know in early August after Boeing's July update if this is really a pure NG order.

UPDATE: Boeing confirmed that this is an order for 50 B737NG-800. So Boeing's gap meltened down to around 60.


  1. Will all this order for B737NG and A320CEO materialize? My feeling is that about 5% of orders for these two types of aircraft might just fall to cancellation, if not more.

  2. Some more orders will follow for current gen A320s and 737s. But.. conversions to NEO's will also be there as well as outright cancellations. A few hundred overbooked isn't a luxery.. in my opinion.