One year aeroturbopower...

I can’t believe it, but it has been already a year, since the EIS of aeroturbopower. I never expected to get that much of readership and attention, but in that first year the blog got more than 50,000 hits - in fact it just reached 50,000 today. In the last month alone there were more than 12,000 visits, thanks to extraordinary traffic directed from a threat about the B737 reengining at airliners.net.

There was much to talk about in that year - Airbus launched the A320neo in December of 2010, at least in part due to the launch of the CSeries and first customers "defecting" from Airbus to Bombardier. And then, in July, after an extraordinary succesful sales run of the A320neo, Boeing was forced into what they (at leat officially) never wanted: to reengine the B737, now called the B737MAX. Now we wait eagerly to learn what Embraer will do...
Thank you very much for your readership – and thanks for all comments, all of these are welcome, no matter if you agree with my opinions/analysis or not. I have not eaten the truth, so I always appreciate objective and fair criticism.

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