Leahys latest order goal...

Today John Leahy said that Airbus now eyes 1,200 orders for this year. Until the end of September Airbus racked up orders for 1,112 aircraft. Taking into account 50 cancellations net orders stood at 1,062. Then today we learned about the JAL order for 31 A350, so we are at 1,093 net. Adding the latest announced orders for the A320 family (62 for Vietjet, 23 for Qingdao, 20 for Zhejiang and another 100 for Air Chian and Shenzen), Airbus would be well over 1,200. And then there is the Dubai Air Show where I would expect that Airbus will try to counter the expected order bonanza for the B777X with some announcements (there are rumours that flydubai could switch to Airbus...).
So an ambitious goal would be - say - 1,500 net orders. But maybe Leahy wants to have more time to go fishing rather than selling more aircraft...


  1. The link in the last sentence is broken.

  2. IMO operation limitations and uncertainties are gaining influence on the sales goals. Airbus probably doesn't want to fill up every available slot until 2020. They want to be able to offer (additional) reasonably early slots to e.g. AA, DL, UA, AF, ANA, LCC's. Therefor I expect them to e.g. revatalize the A330 line.

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