GE buying Avio?

There are reports that GE might buy Avio from private equity firm Cinven.
Avio is a supplier for the GEnx engines and for also CFM.
But what is maybe more important is that Avio is also a supplier for the PW1100G Fan Drive Gear System.
Avio has a long history in designing and building gear systems - the ADP (Advanced Ducted Prop, build from a PW2000 core), tested by P&W back in the early 90's, used a (then Fiat) Avio reduction gearbox.
So what is behind GE's move to acquire Avio? There are three possible motivations:
1. GE just wants to grow (and participate in some revenue from the PW1100G program)..
2. GE wants Avio to keep away from P&W in the future.
3. GE wants to get the intellectual property of the PW1000G Fan Drive Gear System to have a option to move to a gear architecture in the future - possibly for the next generation of narrowbodies, expected now for the late 20's/early 30's.

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  1. would GE keep the space business or sell it on to their partner Safran?
    would GE and Safran pursue this thru a JV, considering Safran also had interest?