Airbus: GTF better than LEAP...

I obtained an interesting note from Forecast International, itself claiming to be the "Leading Provider of Aerospace, Defense, Electronics and Power Systems Intelligence. Here it is:

This is one interesting, although not completely surprising development.
During last years Paris Air Show CFM claimed to be even better on fuel burn than the GTF, after adding a 7th stage in the Low Pressure Turbine (the GTF has three) and enlarging the fan to 78".
Now John Leahy says that the LEAP-1A will still be 1.5% worse than the GTF.
Of course, John Leahy also tries to dismiss the B737MAX with this statement - but I do not think he could make the statement if it was not true as CFM (and with them GE and GECAS)  are both too good customers as well as suppliers to not tell the truth.
See Scott Hamilton's latest blog entry about the LEAP optimization and the discussion about it here.
There are still a lot of questions about how the LEAP-1B looks like and how it will be integrated into the aircraft. Although GE tried to make a big boohay about finishing the integration studies (this is normally jus a regular milestone and not something you make a PR about...).


  1. I think many narrowbody operators looking ahead 20 yrs at some point get to see the GTF powered A321NEO datasheet. And have a second look.

    Airbus seems to promise a real mean machine. Significantly larger, more efficient, comfortable, silent, container capable and spacier then it’s closest rivals. Still fully A320 compatible.

    Question is, can Pratt deliver what they promise, why did Airbus push it back several years?

    IMO it can have 737NG operators have a second look.

  2. I was in the audience when Leahy made the comment. I sat down with a CFM official Wednesday (Feb. 8) and got a briefing of the LEAP-MAX design and will be publishing more as I get my notes together.