Dubai Air Show

If an article published by Reuters is correct, we will see a major order for more B777-300ER's from Emirates at the Dubai Air Show, which opens on Sunday. Rumors are, that Emirates will order another 30-50 of the long-range twin. They still have 41 B777-300ER on order. At the recent order pace that would be good for another 3.5 years. By then the first A350-900 aircraft should arrive. Ordering more B777-300ER could have the following rationalities then:
  • Just more growth...well, it is Emirates!
  • Dumping the A350-900/-1000 order altogether - unlikely!
  • These will in fact be orders for a B777-8 or B777-9 - not too likely at this point, but not completely impossible!
Also, who knows - rumor is that Emirates will also order 30 more A380 - maybe they will announce to be the launch customer for the A380-900...

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