New blog-kid on the block

Hi everyone,

here is another aero-related blog. As the number is growing almost every day and many of them I found are ill- or at least poor-informed I decided to start my own one, concentrating, but not limited, to aero (turbo)engines.
To be clear: there are many good-informed blogs and websites (think of flightblogger and Scott Hamiltons Comments), but there are also many who just write about something they read about with no further background knowledge.
But how can I claim that others are not well informed? Well, in short: because I am ;-)
Ok, let's say I am - to my knowledge - at least better informed as I am directly "related" to the industry and have access to information they do not have.
To rely on information from the press and from press material can never lead to an objective conclusion, as every company involved in the business will only show their view of things.
I will try to give an inside view of things that are so interesting in "our" business.
I will try to be as honest as possible with all the information I have.
But I won't to go so far to tell any company secrets...

Have fun!


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