Airbus A320neo order speculations

We are just days away from the Paris Air Show 2011 and every day there are more speculations about who will order how many aircraft at the show – and which ones.
The one thing that seems to be clear though is that the A320neo will get the bulk of orders.
So let me take part in the speculation game and start with the “Star” of the show:

Here is my guessing about who will order how many and the engine choice:


In total we could see more than 600 orders/commitments for the A320neo family, with both engine makers getting their share of the market.
As for the LEAP-X it is crucial to get orders – GE seems to invest heavily in the AirAsia order, with GE becoming a sponsor of Tony Fernandes’ Formula 1 Lotus Team. Even if GE says that those two deals are complete separate…
As the CFM56 is AirAsia’s current engine choice, CFM was in the front runner position anyway. It remains to be seen, if Fernandes managed Leahy to convince him that a conversion of orders for the A320 ”Classic” can be transformed into A320neo orders and how many. And we will also see if this deal will be even larger than the yet-to-be-finalised order of 180 aircraft by Indigo.
Republic already placed a deposit in Toulouse, so we can expect an announcement about a fleet rollover for Frontier soon. As they already ordered the CSeries, they probably lean towards the GTF. But it remains to be seen, if the CSeries order stays intact. The financial troubles at Republic could mean that Airbus buys Republic out of the CSeries deal.
If Qatar finally decides to order the CSeries, they should decide for the GTF on their up to 50 neo's, too. But who knows what U-Turn Al will decide when he wakes up on the day of the planned signing ceremony. If he had a bad dream, all hid plans can change in a minute...
GECAS of course is the most natural LEAP-X customer. Nothing to add here...
After opposing the A320neo from the start, even Steven Udvar-Hazy seems to jump on the bandwagon now, as was reported earlier. I expect a split between LEAP-X and the PW1100G here, as well as from CIT.
GoAir obviously is in the market also for at least 50 A320neo. That seems a lot for an airline that has just 10 aircraft by now, but the fast growing Indian market is hungry for aircraft. The V2500 has a large customer base in India today and the PW1100G made the race at IndiGo, so PW might have the upper hand here.
SAS is looking for the A320neo, too, and I think this is the airline that is speculated to be the first neo-customer currently flying the B737NG. They have looked into the CSeries also, but decided to preserve cash by leasing 2nd hand B737-700. SAS did not rule out to order the CSeries later, so they could lean towards the PW1100G on the A320neo to have engine commonality (sort of), if they ever decide to order the CSeries.
There might be others to come forward and order more A320neo – who know. John Leahy understands how to do good marketing and always pull out a rabbit out of the hat…


  1. DAL is missing, will be PW1100G

  2. Not sure if that deal will be sealed by next week. If so, then 25-50 with PW1100G.